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Adobe InDesign for Magazines

Welcome to My Blog About Print Publishing

Adobe InDesign is a publishing and page layout program that was developed in 1999 to replace the aging Adobe PageMaker. Flyers, magazines, newspapers, books, presentations, ebooks, and posters can all be created using it, as well as materials on tablet computers using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Graphic designers and production artists who create and format periodicals, posters, and print media are the main users. It is now possible to export publications in the form of e-books, including digital magazines, in EPUB and SWF formats. Both Adobe InCopy and InDesign use the same formatting engine.

InDesign has many great features that make designing single and multiple page documents a breeze.

Style Sheets

When designing large publications such as magazines and books, style sheets save time and provide needed formatting consistency. After deciding which font, size, color, and position you want, assigning it a name in the style sheet sections allows you to select the same formatting for other areas in the publication.

It's the Industry Leader

While there are other publishing software out there, including Quark XPress, InDesign has positioned itself to be the industry standard with most output and printing companies.



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